How to Download Labyrinth Audio

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If you wish to download the Labyrinth Audio for Children, Youth or Adult experiences, please do the following:

1) Copy and paste this link into your address bar at the top of your screen.

and press enter.

2. You will come to a page that reads “Labyrinth of Peace Music Files”

3. Right click on the first file. Your computer will prompt you to “open the file, “save target as . . .” or “save the file”. Right click on “save target as” or “save the file”.

4. This will open a window which will direct you to name the file and it’s location. At the top of that square it will ask you for a location. Type in “Desktop”. This will make finding the music later much easier.

Right click on save.

4. Repeat this with each of the 12 files.

5. All 12 of these downloads will be waiting for you on your desktop which is the screen you see when you open your computer. You will then save these files onto your listening device or burn them onto a CD.

CD’s are available at the following locations:

Holy Trinity Catholic School Board – 502 6th Ave. NE
Heritage Insurance – 111 High Street West
Moose Jaw Tourism – 450 Diefenbaker Dr.

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