A Brief Journey

The following are pictures and explanations of each site in the Labyrinth of Peace.

As people walk the labyrinth, the first part of the journey (The Inner Journey) is all about letting go; the center involves discovering and embracing peace; and the last part of the journey (The Outward Journey) involves living life more fully and completely with the sense of peace found in the labyrinth and in oneself.

The large rock marking the entrance of the Labyrinth greets all travellers.

rock redu.jpg

Site 1

As people enter the labyrinth, they are invited to slow themselves down to the pace of the earth instead of the pace of life they are living. To connect with the earth, they need to slow down, “smell the flowers” and enjoy creation as the early pioneers did.

Sponsors – Vanier Collegiate Parent Advisory, Prairie Restoration, Sask. Watershed Authority.
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site one reduced.jpg

Site 2
Let Go of the Busyness
People’s lives are busy. This site invites people to let their time in the labyrinth be a time of renewal. They are reminded that they need to let go and enjoy the journey of this moment.

site 2 redu.jpg

Sponsors – Gold Key Investment

Site 3
Celebrate the Present

Sometimes people have trouble living in the present moment because of hurts that occurred in the past. The pathway throught the barren rock represents those hurts. The bridge leads from the barren to the beautiful and colorful. In this is an invitation to live in the present and let go of past hurts.

Sponsors – Rose Mary Hartney

Site 4
Seek Meaning

People sometimes have difficulty finding meaning in their lives or setting their priorities. The stone sculpture challenges travellers to look deeply at the art before them and examine how they live their lives.

Sponsors – Heartland Agro

Site 5
Embrace LIfe

Embrace life is an invitation and a choice. People can choose to be devastated by painful experiences or they can examine how they are called to learn and grow from them.

Site 5 redu.jpg
Sponsors – Knights of Columbus

Site 6
Embrace the Sacred / Embrace Peace

People are invited to sit in a circular gazebo of hand hewn cedar logs and simply embrace peace, embrace the sacred, whatever they perceive that to be. The sense of peace they find is the sense of peace they are encouraged to carry into the world.

site 6 redu 2.jpg

Sponsors – Bruce and Maria Willms
Shannon and Michelle Pearce
Robert and Frances Pearce
Colin and Shauna Pearce
Greg and Cyndy Reidy

Site 7

You Affect Others

People have a ripple effect on the lives of others and visa versa. Travellers are called to celebrate the various individuals who have had a ripple effect on them and whom they have touched as well.

Sponsors – The Gaucher and Stumborg Families

Site 8
You Are Not Alone

Sometimes people need to be reminded that they do not travel this road of life alone. They are loved and there are people with them on this journey each and every step of the way.

Sponsors: Child Abuse Prevention Council

Site 9
You are Light For the World
Each person has an inner light, an inner brightness that needs to shine. This site challenges the traveller to examine what that light might be and sends the individual onward with the challenge to “Go Light the World”.

Sponsors – Heritage Insurance

Site 10
It is easy for people to see the big things and overlook the small.
This site invites the traveller to look with the awe and wonder of a child and celebrate life’s little joys.

site 10 redu2.jpg

Site 10 redu 3.jpg>

Sponsors – The Parent Advisory Councils of St. Michaels, St. Agnes, St. Margaret’s, St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart Schools

Site 11

This site invites the travellers to go forth with the peace found in their labyrinth journey.

site 11 reuced.jpg

Sponsors – The Eugene Corbin Estate

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