Printable Version of Youth Labyrinth Meditations


The Stone that marks the entrance to the Labyrinth.
You are about to walk the labyrinth.
To begin your labyrinth journey, stand on the pathway on the footprint that says, Entrance.
The Entrance footprint is near the sign that has a drawing of the pathway.
This is time for you to listen, relax, and experience the labyrinth.
Once you listen to this introduction, follow the arrows on the path before you to your first site.
Each site, 1 – 11, has a number on double footprints and a sign post.
Stop at each site and listen to its meditation.
Each site has its own unique focus or task.
When the soundtrack changes, you are to move to the next site.
Walk slowly as you follow the path.
Breathe deeply and slowly as you walk.
God walks with you.
Stay on the path. Look for the double footprints. Listen to each meditation.
Journey in light; Journey in Hope; Journey in Peace. Go to Site 1.

Site 1 – Connect with the Earth

We spend much of life plugged into technology: cell phones, games, computers, T.V.
It keeps us in touch with people, with information . . . with the world.
But, it can also get in the way of real connections.
Imagine . . . being unplugged . . . completely.
Instead of being connected with others 24/7,
you would have time to reconnect with yourself and the earth.
Connect with both you and the earth now.
What do you see, hear, feel?
Look at the grasses, trees, birds, rocks.
The earth has its own rhythm, its own pace.
Its voice is in the wind, in the bird’s song, in the heartbeat of every creature, including you.
You are part of the earth’s heart song.
Can you hear it? Your heart beat?
It is part of the heartbeat of the earth. You are part of God’s creation.
Before electricity and technology, we were very connected with the earth.
When it was light, we got out of bed, worked, and played often outside.
When it was dark, we rested, shared moments from our day, and slept.
We weren’t plugged into technology all day.
We were outside enjoying creation.
Look at the trees, grass, rocks, sunlight, birds – It is the pulse of Life.
Breathe deeply and slowly as you look at nature all around you.
Embrace the rhythm of the earth, the rhythm of creation, the slow pulse of life, beating as a single heartbeat – God’s.

Site 2 – Let Go of the Busyness

Life is busy: sports, music, dance, friends, family, school, homework, social media.
We rush to fit everything and everyone in.
We try not to disappoint our teachers, coaches, parents, or friends so . . .
We go harder, faster, longer and stress about outcomes . . . friends, marks, opinions.
Look at the blue column before you . . . all the things swirling around.
That is the busyness of your life.
Let it go.
STOP. Be still. Breathe slowly . . . deeply . . . a slow four count as you breathe in . . .
an even slower four count as you release all the air in your lungs.
Do it again . . . and again.
There is no stress in this moment.
There are no worries in this moment.
There is only you and God in this moment.
Look at the time dial in black and gold.
It is a reminder that this is God’s time.
Slow down. Breathe deeply.
Take time now for you and God.

Site 3 – Celebrate the Present

Breathe deeply, slowly.
Each breath is a gift – a gift of life – a gift from God who created you.
Each breath reminds you of the gift of the present –
the life you have right now, in this moment.
Sometimes we lose sight of the present because we are holding on to painful things from the past.
We still feel the hurt and anger of something someone did or said.
Or we feel guilt because of things we have done.
Living in the past keeps us from enjoying the present.
In front of you is an area of small stones.
The stones represent hurt, anger, and guilt.
Pick up a stone from this area.
Imagine one of the deepest hurts or concerns you carry.
Hold the stone tightly in your hand as you answer the following question:
What do you need to let go of to lighten your heart?
Name the hurt, the anger, the worry . . .
Walk to the dry stream bed beneath the bridge.
Hold the stone over that dry stream bed.
When you are ready, let the stone go.
Watch it fall.
Imagine your hurt, your anger, your worry falling gently into the hands of God.
Imagine giving it over to God . . . completely.
You are free. It’s in God’s hands.
You do not need to carry it anymore.
How does it feel?
When you let go of your hurt and anger, God can turn it into forgiveness and peace.
When you release those things that have pulled you down,
you can really celebrate the present with joy.
Like the area with the bridge, you can cross over from barren rocks to colorful trees,
plants, and flowers.
Celebrate the present moment for it is a gift – that is why it is called the present.

Site 4 – Seek Meaning

Life is challenging.
With all the pressures you face it is easy to get confused about what is good
and what is not so good, what is important and what really does not matter.
Look at the footprints carved into the surface of both stone slabs beside you.
Your life and your choices are like footprints . . .
If you smile at someone, it makes a difference.
If you choose to include others instead of leaving them out, it makes a difference.
If you choose to treat others with kindness even when others do not, it makes a difference.
Each choice you make has an impact on yourself and others.
Each choice is like a footprint carved in stone.
People may forget something you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.
What footprints do you want to leave on this earth?
What are some choices you made that helped people feel good about themselves?
What are some choices you have made that hurt people or made them feel bad?
You make a difference. You leave footprints on people’s hearts.
You impact people’s lives: friends, family, even strangers.
Seek meaning is about making your footprints on this earth positive ones.
It’s about making choices to make others feel good and special.
It’s about being the best person you can be – the person God wants you to be.
Think of how you treat other people.
What do you need to change so you do not hurt others?
If you hurt someone, can you plan now to make it right?
What will you do to make a positive difference to people in your world?
How can you make that happen today? Make a plan to create Your positive footprints.

Site 5 – Embrace Life

Trees are amazing!
They can grow in solid rock and on the sides of mountains.
They are shaped and formed by each hardship they face.
Intense drought, fierce winds, and solid rock force the roots of the tree to go deeper.
The trunk of the tree grows stronger.
Trees can withstand incredibly tough conditions yet still grow.
The tree survives because it embraces all of life, the good and the challenging.
Trees are amazing!
You can be like the trees.
You can choose to let tough things that happen ruin your day or pull you down OR
You can look at how you can learn and grow from those challenges.
Tough experiences can help you grow stronger and sink your “roots” deeper.
What difficult things have you had to deal with:
A bully? An angry parent or teacher?
The death of someone you loved or a special pet?
A bad mark? Disappointing a friend, parent, coach?
Problems in one of your friendships?
What helped you get through that tough experience?
How has facing that experience made you stronger?
How has God helped you learn and grow from that experience?
What will you do differently next time?
If the experience helped you learn and grow, then was it really bad?
Look at the tree in front of you – its deep roots – its circular branches.
It has been bent by fierce winds but it did not break.
That is you.
Bad things may happen, but good things can come from them.
Can you think of one example from your life?
You made it through that. How awesome is that?
You are stronger than you believe.
And God is right there

Site 6 – Embrace God

God is in you and God is all around you.
God loves all of you without limits.
God is that voice inside that celebrates the amazing person you are.
Here, in this space, let your thoughts focus on God.
God is here with you, in this moment.
God has been present throughout your life.
Relax in God’s presence, right here, right now.
Let God in . . .
Let go of all worries, all judgements. Be real.
Just be still and focus on this moment.
God is here. God is all around you. And God loves you.
Listen to the voice of God speaking within you.
Look at the images on the gazebo.
Look up at the sky.
Look at the trees that surround you.
Look at your hands.
God is part of you.
God is here for you.
See God. Hear God. Celebrate God. Feel God’s love for you.

Site 7 – You Affect Others

Water is essential for life.
We cannot live without it.
We cannot live without other people or God either.
Watch as the water falls.
See the ripples that spread.
Imagine that each drop of water that falls is a person who God brought into your life.
How has knowing you affected that person?
What have you done to make them feel special?
How has God used you to help other people?
Maybe it was something big or maybe it was something small, but you made a difference.
It may have been something you said or something you did.
It may have been your friendship.
Maybe it was your willingness to do the right thing when doing the wrong thing might have been easier.
You affect others.
Celebrate the wonder of creation that is You.
Like water, you, too are essential for life.
God works through you to touch the lives of others. God always has.
Who have you been a good friend to?
How have you made a positive difference today? Yesterday? Last week?
What will you do to make a positive difference in the lives of people around you?
Make a commitment now to do something that will make God smile and create a “positive ripple” in someone’s life.
And thank God for the wonder of YOU.

Site 8 – You Do Not Walk Alone

Follow the footprints that create a pathway between two trees.
Notice that there are two sets – one is God’s. The other is yours.
It is a reminder that you do not walk this path of life alone.
The footprints lead to a bench that celebrates relationships.
Before you sit, look at the images on the seat.
What image do you like best?
What reminds you of special people in your life?
Look at the rose bushes, the cement footprints, the bench, the inukshuk.
These are symbols for people in your life.
The symbols are reminders that you are not alone.
You have people in your life who love you.
Take time right now and name some of those people who love you: a parent, guardian, friend, teacher, coach, grandparent, relative . . .
Can you see each of their faces? Try.
Imagine a special moment you shared with one of those people.
What difference did that moment make for you?
Imagine another special moment that you shared with someone else from your list.
Feel the difference that moment, that story makes inside you.
Those are God Moments.
Recall more of those God moments.
You are not alone. God has put people in your life who love you.
Say thank you to God for those people who love you. You are loved.

Site 9 – You Are Light for the World

When we were little, we were often afraid of the dark.
Our fears would often get the better of us.
Our imagination would come up with all sorts of bad things that could happen.
At the beginning of creation God said, “Let there be light.”
Darkness disappeared and there was light.
You are called to be light for the world.
God gave you gifts, abilities – your own inner light.
Being light for the world means using your gifts and abilities for the good of others and the earth.
You are light.
As you look at the light in front of you, think of gifts and abilities you have.
Music? Sports? Being a friend? Deep faith? Great smile? Kind heart? Good in school?
Concern for the earth? Artist? Leader?
Think of a time when you used one of your gifts and it made a difference.
Who did it help? How?
That is like being a candle and lighting others. It brightens everything.
What can you do to use your gifts even more?
You are God’s light.
What will you do to let your light shine?
In your school? In your home? In your community? Your world?
May you continue to light your world with the special person God created in you.

Site 10 – Celebrate Life’s Little Joys

Little kids see the world with awe and wonder.
They stop, look, play, dance and celebrate.
Simple things, like butterflies and frogs, are cause for great excitement.
Small things become enormous and little things bring great joy.
Kids’ sense of curiosity leads them to stop and explore the wonder of their surroundings . . .
The ordinary becomes extraordinary.
Celebrate life’s little joys.
Look at the butterfly, the plants, the metal creatures.
See the colors, the sense of fun.
Let small things fill you with awe and wonder.
Let them arouse your curiosity about the world around you.
What brings you joy?
What do you most celebrate?
What are the simple things that make life feel special? Name them.
What are the small things that are truly “God moments.” Recall some of those.
Find something in each day that you can look at with the awe and wonder.
Celebrate those and say, “YAY GOD!”
You will begin to see God everywhere.

Site 11 – Go in Peace

Peace comes from seeing God around us and within us.
Sit in the chair.
Look back at the pathway you walked.
Reflect on your labyrinth journey:
What did you let go of?
What people do you celebrate?
What are your gifts?
How do you make a difference in other people’s lives?
What brings you joy?
Did you find God in you, in others, in creation?
Life is filled with God Moments.
See the dove flying into the sun.
It flies freely. It is surrounded by light – God’s light.
May your spirit be free and may God’s light surround you.
Go in peace and know that you are not alone.
You make a difference. And you are loved.