About Labyrinths

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Labyrinths are a meditation, relaxation, and spiritual tool that invites a person to walk towards the center with a problem, prayer or idea. Once at the center, the person spends some time in quiet thought, then lets go and makes the journey back out of the labyrinth to reengage with the world with a clearer heart and mind.

Labyrinths are a universal experience that welcomes all.

  • labyrinths have been around for over 4000 years and can be found in just about every religious tradition
  • like stonehenge, they are geographic forms that define sacred space
  • now, labyrinths are being used for meditation, relaxation, prayer and centering activities
  • labyrinths are found in many shapes and sizes and are created using a wide variety of materials: sand , brick, cement, grass, shrubs, and other materials as well
  • floors in medieval cathedrals are often laid in labyrinth patterns for centering prayer and meditation
  • when you walk a labyrinth, you move on a patterned pathway
  • the time in the labyrinth can be used for reflection, meditation, prayer or self-discovery

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